Hulk 46 Memorial Honor Roll

B-52 Losses

02/16/1956 53-0384 B-52B 93rd BW, Castle AFB, CA

Crashed near Tracy, CA

Maj Edward Stefanski, AC Killed
Maj Michael Shay, CP Ejected
Maj Albert Brown, IP Killed
Col Patrick Fleming, OBS Killed-Deputy CO 93rd BW
Capt James Fredrickson, N Killed
Maj Harold Korger, RN Ejected
Maj Billie Beards, EWO Ejected
MSgt Willard Lucy, G Bailed out

09/16/1956 53-0393 B-52B 93rd BW, Castle AFB, CA

9 miles southeast of Madera, CA during functional flight test

Maj Benjamin Ostland Ejected
Capt William Vetter Ejected
Capt Dick Richardson Killed
Capt Leroy Campbell Killed
MSgt John Brown Killed
TSgt Raymond Riggs, G Killed
TSgt Harvey Fulbright Killed

11/30/1956 52-8716 RB-52B 93rd BW, Castle AFB, CA

Four miles north of Castle AFB into a grain field

Capt John Goddard, AC Killed
Capt Richard Wikstrom, CP Killed
Capt Leland Burch, N Killed
Maj Robert Sherman, EWO Killed
Capt Jack Welch, RN Killed
Maj Bryant Gay, EWO Killed
Capt Nick Koss, RN Instructor Killed
Capt Charles Schweer, EWO Ins Killed
TSgt William McGuire, Radio Killed
TSgt Gerald Riley, G Killed
This was the worst single aircraft loss of life accident in the B-52s operating history.

01/10/1957 55-0082 B-52D 42nd BW, Loring AFB, ME

10 miles southeast of Loring in Andover, New Brunswick, Canada

Capt Richard Jenkins, AC Killed
1st LT Joe Church, CP Ejected
Capt William Davidson Killed
Capt John McCune Killed
Capt Marquid Myers Killed
LT Charles Cole, N Killed
LT Anders Larson, OBS Killed
TSgt Ray Miller, G Killed

03/29/1957 54-2676 JB-52C Boeing, Wichita, KS

Broke up in the air 15 miles north of Tulsa, OK. Crew Boeing test pilots.

Ross Patrick, P Killed
John McCort, N Killed
Charles Craven, CP Killed (ejected, struck by debris. Died 03/30/1957)
Earl Reed, Tech OBS Ejected

12/12/1957 56-0597 B-52D 92nd BW Fairchild AFB, WA

Crashed one mile west of the airfield just after takeoff

Col Clarence Neely, 92nd BW Co Killed
Capt Herbert Spiller Killed
Capt Douglas Schwartz Killed
Capt Douglas Gray Killed
Capt Thomas Peebles Killed
Maj Ralph Alworth Killed
1st LT James Mann Killed
1st LT Jack Vainisi Killed
Sgt Gene Grey, G Bailed out of gun turret

02/11/1958 56-0610 B-52D 28th BW/77 BS Ellsworth AFB, SD

Crashed on approach to Ellsworth sliding into a building short of the runway. Along with 2 members of the crew, all three in the building were killed.

Capt Melvin Rudd, AC
Capt Verle Rusk, CP
1st LT Leonard Scotty, EWO
Capt JohnO’Connell, Jr, N Killed (survived crash of B-36 1956)
1st LT Kenneth Kaeppler, RN Killed
TSgt Oscar Orrs, G
Sgt Richard Gilbert

Occupants of ILAS building struck by aircraft
A1C Robert Mitchell Killed
A1C James Ferrell Killed
Glen Allen (Civilian) Killed

07/29/1958 55-0093 B-52D 42nd BW Loring AFB, ME

Crashed into a farm field three miles south of the base.

Maj Kirkwood Myers, AC
LT Lane Kittie, CP
Maj Milo Johnson, IN
Maj Moody Deaton, IP
LT Leonard Corcaro
LT Robert Testerman
LT Leslie Martin, Jr
LT James Thompson
MSgt Oran Riley, G

09/08/1958 56-0661 B-52D 92nd BW/327th BS, Fairchild, WA
56-0681 B-52D

Mid-air collision of two B-52s while practicing landing and take-off maneuvers.
Records are not complete as to which crewmembers were with which plane.

LtCol Andrew Creo Killed (327th BS CO)
Maj Donald Staples, N Killed, 661
Maj T.W. Held Killed
Capt Roy George Killed
Capt Homer Crump Killed
Capt Russell Snow Killed
1st LT Reggie Frazier, N Killed, 661
1st LT Gerald Limburg Killed
1st LT John Black Killed
1st LT John Cork Killed
SSgt David Archer Killed
SSgt Aubrey Moore Killed
Capt Ernest Marker Ejected, died in hospital. AC 661
Capt David Birdsell Ejected, CP 681
2nd LT Walter McGuire Ejected, EWO 661
Sgt Lowell Younger Bailed out, G 681

09/17/1958 55-0065 B-52D 42nd BW, Loring AFB, ME

Crashed in a farm in Inver Grover Heights, MN, after the vertical stabilizer broke away from the aircraft.

Capt William Horstman, P Killed
Capt Jack Craft, CP Ejected
Capt Richard Cantwell, N Killed
Maj Suries Gillespie, RN Killed
Capt James Taylor, IRN Killed
Capt Bernard Lanois, IP Killed
LT William Huskey, EWO Killed
TSgt Leon Lew, G Killed

12/09/1958 56-0633 B-52D 11th BW, Altus AFB, OK

Crashed four miles north of the airfield, possible problems with stabilizer trim contributed to the accident.

Maj Byard Baker, P Ejected
Capt Melvin Eckstein, CP Killed
Maj Willis Brady, RN Killed
1st LT Clark Mackall, N Killed
1st LT Doyle Salley EWO Killed
SSgt Thomas Lowry, G Killed
TSgt Norman Kohlmeyer, IG Killed
SSgt Clarence Leger, CC Killed (Schilling (Smokey Hill) AFB, KS)(40th BW)
SSgt Harold Funnell, Passenger Killed (Schilling (Smokey Hill) AFB, KS)(40th BW)

06/23/1959 56-0591 B-52D Boeing Aircraft, Seattle, WA
Tommy’s Tigator

On loan from the USAF testing low-level flight. Crashed into the Ochoca National Forest near Burns, OR after turbulence-induced failure of the horizontal stabilizer.

Lewis Moore, P Killed
Joseph Keller, CP Killed
Gerald Green, N Killed
Charles McDaniel, Flt Engineer Killed
Neil Johnson, Flt Engineer Killed

08/10/1959 54-2682 B-52C 99th BW, Westover AFB, MA

Failure of chin radome and loss of radar system. The aircraft became uncontrollable, dropping 1,000 to 1,500 feet per minute. After dropping from 34,000 feet, the eight crewmembers bailed out at 14,000 feet marking the first time an entire crew escaped a Stratofortress crash.

10/15/1959 57-0036 B-52F 4228th SW, Columbus AFB, MS

Broken Arrow Collision with KC-135 at 32,000 feet. Both aircraft crashed near Hardinsburg, KY. The B-52 was carrying two nuclear bombs, both were recovered.

Maj Milton Chatham, IP Ejected
Capt William Gutshall, P Ejected
LT Gino Fugazzi, EWO Ejected
Capt James Strother, RN Ejected
1st LT David Arger, CP Killed
1st LT John Mosby, N Killed
Capt Lyle Burgess, IN Killed
TSgt Howard Nelms, G Killed

Maj Robert Imhoff, AC Killed
1st LT William Epling, CP Killed
1st LT Harold Helmick, N Killed
SSgt Paul Thomasson, BO Killed

02/01/1960 58-0180 B-52G 72nd BW, Ramey AFB, PR

Crashed at Ramey while on a training mission. Incorrect stabilizer trim setting was the suspected cause. All seven crewmembers were killed.

Col Samuel Porterfield, P (Deputy CO of 72nd BW)
Lt Col Keith Garrison
Capt Nabor Pelegrina
Capt Robert Howell
1st LT George Fetterer
2nd LT Kent Slaughter
MSgt William Hill, G

12/09/1960 55-0114 B-52D 99th BW, Westover AFB, MA

Crashed in Plainfield, VT after the navigator ejected thinking the aircraft was breaking up. The pilot, hearing the ejection and experiencing explosive decompression ordered the rest of the crew to eject. The IP on board stayed with the plane as it righted itself but was ordered to bail out through the bomb bay doors, the plane was deemed unflyable with no seats left.

Maj Henry Luscomb, IP Ejected
Capt William Combs, P Ejected
1st LT James Saravo, CP Ejected
Capt Ronald Little, N Ejected
1st LT George Davis, EWO Ejected
Maj Carl Keyes, RN Ejected
SSgt Pierre Maheux, G Killed (Ejected, body found seven months later)

01/19/1961 53-0390 B-52B 95th BW/334th BS, Biggs AFB, TX
“Felon 22”

Crashed into a field near Monticello, UT after a fire in the forward fuselage caused the break-up of the aircraft.

Capt John Marsh, P Killed
1st LT Thomas Stout, CP Ejected
Capt Harold Bonneville, RN Killed
2nd LT Jerome Calvert, N Ejected
1st LT Ivan Petty, EWO Killed
TSgt David Forsythe, TG Killed
SSgt Lionel Terry, Flt Eng Ejected/Died of exposure

01/24/1961 58-0187 B-52G 4241st SW, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
“Keep 19”

Broken Arrow/Chrome Dome – Aircraft developed a fuel leak in the right wing that worsened as they tried to burn fuel. They attempted to return to Seymour Johnson, but the unbalanced fuel load made the bomber uncontrollable and the order to eject was given. The aircraft broke up in the air and released two thermonuclear bombs, one was recovered, the second is still buried in mud at a depth of 180 feet near Goldsboro, NC and is monitored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Maj Walter Tulloch, P Ejected
Capt Richard Rardin, CP Ejected
Maj Eugene Shelton, RN Killed
Capt Paul Brown, N Ejected
1st LT William Wilson, EWO Ejected
Maj Eugene Richards, IEWO Killed
1st LT Adam Mattocks, 3rd Pilot Ejected
TSgt Francis Barnish, G Killed

03/30/1961 59-2576 B-52G 4028th SW/341st BS, Dow AFB, ME
“Judy 24”

During the aerial refueling portion of a radar scored bomb competition over Denton, NC, the bomber approached the tanker at too high an airspeed. In an attempt to bleed off speed and not overshoot the tanker, the bomber went into a stall and crashed.

Capt William McMullen, P Killed
Capt William Farmer, CP Killed
Capt Robert Morgenroth, RN Killed
Capt George Beale, OBS Killed (Competition Umpire)
Maj William Minnich, N Ejected
1st LT Glen Farnham, EWO Ejected
SSgt James Fults, IG Killed
A1C Robert Gaskey, Student G Killed

04/07/1961 53-0380 B-52B 95th BW, Biggs AFB, TX
“Cuidad Juarez”

While involved in a training mission with two F-100 Super Sabres armed with AIM 9B Sidewinder missiles that were wired in a way that only the seeker head was supposed to be active. On one of the last passes one of the Sidewinders went active as it left the F-100 striking the B-52 in the port side inboard engine pod, blowing off the wing in the explosion. It crashed near Mt. Taylor, NM.

Capt Donald Blodgett, AC Ejected
Capt Ray Obel, CP Ejected
Capt Peter Gineris, N Killed
Capt Stephen Carter, RN Killed
Capt George Jackson, EWO Ejected
2nd LT Glenn Bair, ECM Student Killed
SSgt Ray Singleton, G Ejected
SSgt Manuel Mieras, Maintainer Ejected

10/14/1961 58-0196 B-52G 4241st SW, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
“Pogo 22”

Pogo 22 was one of six B-52s participating in a low-level, large scale air defense exercise: Sky Shield II, over the Atlantic carrying no weapons. While cruising at night the aircraft disappeared off the Newfoundland Coast in unknown circumstances. No trace of the aircraft or crew of eight were ever found.

Capt Roland Starke, Jr, AC Missing, presumed dead
1st LT Kenneth Payne, CP Missing, presumed dead
Capt Paul Fellows, RN Missing, presumed dead
LT Richard Wiksel, N Missing, presumed dead
LT Dean Upp, EWO Missing, presumed dead
LT Gary Sprague, N Missing, presumed dead
SSgt Helmut Christ, G Missing, presumed dead
A1C Frances Jones, Maint Spec Missing, Presumed dead

02/23/1962 99th BW, Westover AFB, MA

While on a Chrome Dome Hardhead mission the aircraft commander was attempting to correct an electrical problem when an escape hatch malfunctioned, and the AC was killed when explosive decompression sucked him out at altitude without a parachute. The aircraft was able to land safely at Thule AB.

Maj Earl R. Cairl, AC Killed
LT William Gilchrist, CP Landed safely
LT Leonard Ratzman, N Landed safely

01/24/1963 53-0406 B-52C 99th BW, Westover AFB, MA
“Frosh 10”
Elephant Mountain

Conducting the first low-level navigation flight utilizing terrain following radar in the eastern U.S. While flying the northern low-level route POKER DECK at or below 500 feet and at 370 mph, the bomber encountered wind gusts up to 45 mph. As the turbulence increased the pilot began to climb in an attempt to avoid it, at that point the vertical stabilizer shaft failed causing the bomber to crash into the west side of Elephant Mountain, six miles from Greenville, ME.

Lt Col Dante Bulli, P Ejected
Maj Robert Morrison CP, IP Ejected/Killed
Lt Col Joe Simpson, IP Killed – Walker AFB
Capt Gerald Adler, N Ejected
Maj William Gabriel, IN Killed – Walker AFB
Maj Robert Hill, RN Killed
Capt Herbert Hansen, N Killed
Capt Charles Leuchter, RN Killed
TSgt Michael O’Keefe, G Killed

01/30/1963 57-0018 B-52E 6th BW, Walker AFB, NM

On a mission at 42,000 feet when turbulence developed, the aircraft descended down through to 34,000 feet in an attempt to avoid it. Shortly after the bomber experienced violent updrafts, the crew heard a loud bang and the bomber rolled left causing another loud bang. At this point all the controls became unresponsive. The investigation revealed the vertical stabilizer had separated from the aircraft. It crashed 32 miles north of Las Vegas, NM.

Lt Col Donald Hayes, AC Ejected
Maj Thomas McBride, CP Ejected
Lt Col Nicholas Horangic, RN Ejected
Maj Emil Goldbeck, N Ejected
Maj George Szabo, EWO Killed
MSgt Harry Dean, G Killed

12/23/1963 57-0043 B-52F 454th BW, Columbus, MS

Crashed shortly after take-off in heavy fog a few miles north of the base. There is speculation recent maintenance was performed on the flight attitude position indicator and it may have malfunctioned shortly after take-off, giving the crew incorrect readings. Damage in the area of the crash showed the aircraft was upside down at impact.

Maj Carl Funk, P Killed
Capt Elbert Andoe, CP Killed
1st LT Anthony Linzi, N Killed
Capt Fred Curtis, RN Killed
Capt Harry Bell, IN Killed
LT Liam Rafferty, EWO Killed
1st LT Harry Grebe, N Killed
2nd LT Leonard LeRose, 3rd Pilot Killed
MSgt Lacy Potter, G Killed

01/13/1964 55-0060 B-52D 484th BW, Turner AFB, GA
“Buzz 14”
Savage Mountain

Broken Arrow – Buzz 14 was being ferried from Westover AFB, MA back to Turner AFB, GA after an aborted Chrome Dome mission. The aircraft with the original crew suffered engine trouble and diverted to Moron AB, Spain, where repairs were made allowing it to make it to Westover. Another crew was flown to Westover to return the plane to Turner. The crew encountered blizzard conditions and severe turbulence that caused the vertical stabilizer to break away and shear the left horizontal stabilizer. It crashed into Savage Mountain, MD. The two nuclear weapons were found intact in the wreckage and removed without incident.

Maj Thomas McCormick, P Ejected
Capt Parker Peedin, CP Ejected
Maj Robert Payne, N Ejected/Died of exposure
Maj Robert Townley, RN Killed/Found in wreckage
TSgt Melvin Wooten, TG Ejected/Died of exposure

11/10/1964 55-0108 B-52D 462nd SW, Larson AFB, WA

On a night varied training run that included navigation, aerial refueling, and electronic bomb runs testing the ground avoidance equipment. As the aircraft entered the Flint Rock Oil Burner Run it was flying a level flight path at 2,550 feet when it struck a knoll and disintegrated 60 miles south of Glasgow, MT.

Capt Guido Pizzeck, Jr, P Killed
Capt William Morris, CP Killed
Capt John Pulliam, N Killed
Capt John Berendzen, RN Killed
1st LT David Woodward, EWO Killed
1st LT David Harlan, N Killed
TSgt Edwin Arrington, G Killed

06/18/1965 57-0047 B-52F 320th BW, Mather AFB, Ca
57-0179 3960th SW, Andersen AFB
Arc Light

First Arc Light mission to bomb a small area of South Vietnam believed to be infiltrated with North Viet Cong (NVC). Flying in three cells of three from Andersen, a typhoon was passing by causing a stiff tailwind that pushed the B-52s, causing them to arrive at the refueling point before the KC-135s. The bombers followed standard procedure and began a wide orbit to allow the tankers to catch up. The lead flight, Green Cell, made a 360 degree turn and flew directly into the path of the trailing Blue and Yellow Cell. The three cells never saw one another and two of the B-52Fs collided at a closing speed of 1,000 mph, with the wing of one striking the vertical stabilizer of the other. Of the 12 crewmembers, only four survived. Of the remaining eight only one has been recovered and listed as KIA. Seven are still listed as KIA/BNR. Unable to place crewmembers with the appropriate aircraft from the sources found in public records.

Maj James Gehrig, Jr, P KIA/BNR
Capt Tyrell Lowry, RN KIA/BNR
Capt Robert Armond, EWO KIA/BNR
Capt Frank Watson, N KIA/BNR
Capt Frank Robertson, P KIA/Remains Returned (RR)
1st LT James Marshall, CP KIA/BNR
MSgt Harold Roberts, G KIA/BNR
TSgt William Neville, G KIA/BNR
Lt Col Charles Andermann, RN Ejected/Rescued at sea
1st LT James Erbes, EWO Ejected/Rescued at sea
1st LT James Collier, EWO Ejected/Rescued at sea
LT Kenneth Harten, CP Ejected/Rescued at sea

01/17/1966 58-0256 B-52G 68th BW, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
“Tea 16”

Broken Arrow/Chrome Dome – Southern Route – During aerial refueling at 31,000 feet and off the southern coast of Spain with another B-52, they rendezvoused with two KC-135s. The investigation surmises that Tea 16 came in behind the tanker too fast and started to overrun it. The bomber collided with the refueling boom of Troubador 14, KC-135A, 61-0273. The boom penetrated the bomber’s fuselage, broke a longeron and the left wing broke off. The fully loaded tanker, on fire, went into a dive and exploded at 1,600 feet. As the B-52 continued to break apart, the four nuclear bombs it carried fell free. Three landed in the village of Palomares, Spain and in two of the three the conventional explosives detonated on impact. Fortunately, there was no nuclear explosion, but plutonium was released by the conventional explosives. The fourth bomb was carried into the Mediterranean Sea by the retarding parachute and recovered after a five-month long intensive search.

Capt Charles Wendorf, IP Ejected
Maj Larry Meesinger, P Ejected
1st LT Michael Rooney, CP Ejected
Capt Ivan Buchanan, RN Ejected
1st LT George Glessner, N Killed
1st LT Steven Montanus, EWO Killed
TSgt Ronald Snyder, G Killed

Maj Emil Chapla, P Killed
Capt Paul Lane, CP Killed
Capt Leo Simmons, N Killed
MSgt Lloyd Potolicchio, BO Killed

11/18/1966 58-0228 B-52G 2nd BW, Barksdale AFB, LA

On a night training flight to K.I. Sawyer AFB, WI to test the performance of a new terrain avoidance radar. The bomber entered low level and the crew was calibrating the TA radar when the plane struck treetops, stalled and crashed near Stone Lake, WI.

Capt Curtis Robertson, P Killed
1st LT Darrick Negron, CP Killed
Lt Col Jack Atherton, IP Killed
Capt Edward Kamph, RN Killed
1st LT Jerome Calligari, N Killed
Maj James Crook, IN Killed
Capt Michael Dunlap, EWO Killed
A1C Gerald Turney, G Killed

07/05/1967 57-6494 B-52G 72nd BW, Ramey AFB, PR

On a routine training mission and on initial climb after take-off from Ramey the bomber made a steep nose-over maneuver and plunged straight into the ocean off Jobos Beach, PR. The investigation revealed that a life raft stowed behind the copilot inflated and pushed him into the control yoke.

Capt Donald Foster, AC Killed
Capt Erwin Coward, CP Killed
1st LT Richard George, EWO Killed
Capt Taivo Pattajan, RN or N Ejected
1st LT Paul Grimm, RN or N Ejected
SSgt Leroy Spencer, CC Killed
TSgt Ronald Hagis, G Ejected

07/07/1967 56-0595 B-52D 4133rd BW(P), Andersen AFB
“Red 02”
“Red 01”
Arc Light

Both aircraft were involved in a mid-air collision while changing formation lead over the South China Sea, 20 miles offshore of Binh Dinh Province, SV. The flight was approaching the initial point for the turn for the target, when the lead aircraft, Red 1, experienced an equipment malfunction. While changing formation lead Red 2 collided with Red 1. Of the 13 crew on board both aircraft, six were killed. The remains of two were returned, the other four are still listed as KIA/BNR.

454th BW, Columbus AFB
Capt George Westbrook, AC Ejected
Capt Harold Thompson, CP Ejected
Capt Toki Endo, EWO Ejected
Capt Charles Blankenship, RN KIA/RR 1997
1st LT George Jones, N KIA/RR 1997
MSgt Olen McLaughlin, G KIA/BNR

22nd BW, March AFB
Maj John Suther, P Ejected
Capt William Creedon, CP Ejected
LT Rod Gable Ejected
Maj General William Crumm KIA/BNR 1st American General
Officer lost in Vietnam
Maj Paul Avolese, RN KIA/BNR
Capt Fritz Bittenbender KIA/BNR
Sgt Lynn Chase, G Bailed out

07/08/1967 56-0601 B-52D 4133rd BW(P), Andersen AFB
“Brown 02” 454 BW, Columbus AFB (Crew)
Arc Light

Aircraft experienced complete hydraulic failure after being hit by ground fire. The crew was attempting to divert to U-Tapao RTAFB, when the bomber became too unstable and the decision was made to make an emergency landing at Da Nang AB. The pilots had to make a no-flaps landing and the bomber overran the end of the runway, broke up and caught fire after coming to rest in a mine field.

Maj Gene Brown, P Killed
Capt James Davis, CP Killed
Capt Anthony Johnson, N Killed
Capt William Pritchard, RN Killed
Capt Donald Reynolds, EWO Killed
TSgt Albert Whatley, G Survived

11/02/1967 61-0030 B-52H 319th BW, Grand Forks AFB, ND

While making a return trip to Grand Forks, AFB from Westover AFB, the crew had indications of a fire and/or overheat with engines 5/6 and made an attempt at an emergency landing at Griffiss AFB. The aircraft was heavy with fuel and attempted two approaches to land. It may have gone into a stall and the crew was ordered to eject. The pilot stayed with the plane in an attempt to avoid crashing into a trailer park.

Maj Robert Richards, P Killed
1st LT William Fairhurst, CP Ejected
1st LT Sidney Glover, N Ejected
Maj Lloyd Lassman, RN Killed
Capt Joe Turner, EWO Killed
SSgt John Snyder, G Killed
SSgt Willard Walker, CC Killed
Sgt Gordon Flick, CC Killed

01/21/1968 58-0188 B-52G 380th BW, Plattsburgh AFB, NY
“Hobo 28”

Broken Arrow/Chrome Dome – Hard Head Route – Fire developed in the aft section of the lower deck. Due to the extreme cold an engine bleed valve was opened to draw hot air into the heater from the engine manifold. Because of a possible malfunction in the heating system the air barely cooled and ignited seat cushions stowed near a heat vent. The crew attempted to extinguish the fire with no success, causing a request for an emergency landing at Thule AB, Greenland. The fire intensified, causing the bomber to lose electrical power and filling the cockpit with smoke, with the loss of power and visibility in the cockpit, the crew ejected. The original copilot was not in an ejection seat and attempted to bail out of one of the lower hatches. The pilotless aircraft crashed onto the sea ice in the North Star Bay.

Capt John Haug, P Ejected
Capt Leonard Svitenko, CP Killed/Bailed out of lower hatch
Capt Richard Mars, EWO Ejected
Maj Frank Hopkins, RN Ejected
Capt Curtis Criss, N Ejected
Maj Alfred D’Amario, Spare CP Ejected
SSgt Cal Snapp, G Ejected

02/28/1968 57-0173 B-52F 7th BW, Carswell AFB, TX
“Meal 88”

During a low-level RBS exercise on the Matagorda Oil Burner Route, the bomber turned 100 miles out over the Gulf of Mexico to make a low-level run when radar and radio contact were lost. The investigation suspected that the bomber lost the main electrical bus, making it impossible to control the stabilator trim causing it to crash immediately.

Maj Frank Salavarria, AC Killed
1st LT William Causey, CP Killed
Capt Charles Roberts, RN Killed
1st LT Michael Carroll, N Killed
Capt John Pantilla, EWO Killed
MSgt Kermit Casey, G Killed
Maj Philip Strine, IP Killed
Capt Thomas Childs, IN Killed

10/04/1968 60-0027 B-52H 5th BW, Minot AFB, ND
“Fog 32”

Returning from an overnight training mission and on final approach, possible fuel mismanagement caused the aircraft to lose power to engines 1-4 putting it into a stall because of the low air speed. It crashed in a field eight miles from the base.

Lt Col Charles Poole, IP Killed
Maj Laurence McGuirk, P Killed
Lt Ronald Hortter, CP Ejected
Maj Jerry Jamison, RN Ejected
TSgt Ronald Blazina, G Killed
Sgt Louis Cole, Observer Killed

11/19/1968 55-0103 B-52D 4252nd SW, Kadena AFB, Okinawa
“Cream O2”
Arc Light

Aborted takeoff with full load of fuel and full bomb load for Arc Light mission for an unknown reason. The bomber overran the runway and the wings were torn loose releasing fuel. Fire started from ruptured hydraulic lines and hot brakes. All seven crew were able to egress to the ground, but two were burned seriously and died later from their injuries. The 30,000-pound bomb load exploded leaving a large crater, with only the landing gear, engine assemblies and tail turret still partially intact.

Capt William Dillworth, P Survived
Capt Austin Decker, CP Survived
Capt Gary Sible, N Survived
Capt Alex Damellio, RN Survived
Capt Charles Miller, EWO Killed, died from injuries 11/26/68
SSgt Albert Aroncy, G Survived
SSgt Jerry Scott, CC Killed, died from injuries 11/24/68

11/23/1968 Arc Light 4133rd BW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam
96th BW, Dyess AFB, TX (Crew)

While refueling north of the Phillipines on an Arc Light mission to North Vietnam, the EWO ejected from the bomber. It is unknown whether it was mechanical, accidental or intentional. After the ejection the aircraft dropped its bomb load into the South China Sea and landed at Ching Chuan Kwang AB, Taiwan.

Maj Earl McCune, EWO Declared dead 12/07/1968

01/21/1969 61-0037 B-52H 5th BW, Minot AFB, ND
“Milan 34”

Crashed shortly after takeoff into a farm field about 0.8 miles west of the runway. An incorrect preflight fuel load distribution caused a stall on takeoff after a climb to 300 feet.

Maj Byron Edmonds, AC Killed
1st Lt Kenneth Kuhn, CP Killed
Capt Gerald Walla, N Killed
Capt James Jiles, RN Killed
Capt Richard Jones, EWO Killed
TSgt Lee Gunn, G Killed

05/10/1969 56-0693 B-52D 4133rd BW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam
Arc Light

Crashed into the Pacific Ocean shortly after takeoff from Andersen. The two causes suspected were that the pilot was following an erroneous artificial horizon display causing him to bank the aircraft thinking he was in level flight, or the plane suffered structural failure and broke up before the crash.

Capt Larry Brodhead, P Killed
1st Lt Maurice Lundy, CP Killed
Capt James Sipes, N Killed
Capt Russell Platt, RN Killed
1st Lt Thomas McCormack, EWO Killed
MSgt Harold Deel, G Killed

07/27/1969 56-0630 B-52D 4133rd BW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam
“Blue 01”
Arc Light

Taking off from Andersen the bomber became airborne for approximately 15 seconds and reached an altitude of 200 feet when the right wing separated from the aircraft and it crashed into the Pacific Ocean. This incident forced the Air Force to inspect the entire fleet of D models for structural problems involving the wing/fuselage issues. From that inspection, even though the D models continued to rotate through combat missions, many were deemed not airworthy and grounded.

Capt Edward Wyatt, P Killed
Capt Anthony Albasio, CP Killed
Capt Joseph Maccio, N Killed
Capt Edward Miskowski, RN Killed
1st Lt Gary Leach, EWO Killed
TSgt Eugene Tibbetts, G Killed

09/04/1969 58-0215 B-52G 42nd BW, Loring AFB, ME

Crashed during an ORI after having mechanical issues prior to taking off. There are different reports, an oil leak on a constant speed drive, total failure of all electrical power, or the water injection system failed to activate and the aircraft did not have enough power to make it airborne. It crashed 12,000 feet from the end of the runway.

Maj Nils Oxehufwud, AC Killed
Capt William Payne, CP Killed
Capt Theodore Burbank, N Killed
Maj Robert Murray, EWO Killed
Lt Col Robert Smith, RN Killed
MSgt Earl Barnes, G Killed
Col Homer Bell, ORI Obs Killed/2nd BW, Barksdale ORI Obs

10/08/1969 57-0172 B-52F 93rd BW, Castle AFB, CA

While on a night training mission practicing touch and go maneuvers the aircraft was taking off and climbing and suddenly pitched up, causing the tail to stall. Witnesses report the plane nosed over and crashed back onto the runway skidding into the ammunition dump. The instructors on the flight were all from 93rd BW while the others were on temporary duty at Castle for training.

Capt Richard Beattie, IP Killed
Maj Boyd Beyer, IN Killed
Maj Doyal Keller, IN Killed
Capt Wilbur Wright, Student Killed/March AFB
1st Lt Frank Harriman, Student Killed/Griffiss AFB
2nd Lt Steven Lack, Student Killed/Grand Forks AFB

01/07/1971 54-2666 B-52C 99th BW, Westover AFB, MA

During a night, low-level bomb training run on the Iron Man Oil Burner Route, the aircraft crashed into Lake Michigan near Charlevoix, Little Traverse Bay, MI.

Maj Gerald Black, P Killed
1st Lt Dennis Ferguson, CP Killed
Lt Col John Somonfy, IN Killed
Lt Col William Lemmon, N Killed
Capt John Weaver, N Killed
Capt Joel Hirsch, N Killed
Maj Donald Rousseau, N Killed
1st Lt Douglas Bachman, EWO Killed
TSgt Jerry Achey, G Killed

03/31/1972 56-0625 B-52D 306th BW, McCoy AFB, FL

Multiple engine fires spread from the wing into the fuselage causing the bomber to crash 3,200 feet from the runway at McCoy into a populated housing area after one attempt to land and making a go around. One person on the ground died later from his injuries.

Capt Wendell Campbell, AC Killed
Capt Barry Applebee, CP Killed
1st Lt Robert Heatherly, N Killed
Lt Col George Gamache, IN Killed
Maj James Hammons, RN Killed
Maj William Kesler, EWO Killed
MSgt Allen Murray, G Killed

07/07/1972 59-2600 B-52G 72nd SW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam

Crashed into the ocean after taking off during Hurricane Rita. The investigation determined the aircraft had an improperly secured chin radome. The lost radome severed the pitot system air sense source causing the bomber to decelerate into a low speed stall. Crew rescued by the SSN Barb and SSN Gurnard surfacing in heavy seas to assist with search and rescue operations.

Capt Leroy Johnson, P Ejected
1st Lt William Neely, CP Ejected
Maj Ronald Dvorak, EWO Ejected
Lt Col James Vaughn, RN Killed (parachute failed, found 42
days later, 08/19/1972)
1st Lt Kent Dodson, N Ejected
A1C Daniel Johansen, G Ejected

07/30/1972 56-0677 B-52D 310th SW(P), U-Tapao RTAFB
Arc Light

Struck by lightning causing a fire in the port wing shortly after takeoff. Crashed 65 miles west of Ubon RTAFB, Thailand.

Capt Thomas Reasor Killed
Capt Ronald Ashe Killed
Maj James Hudelson Killed
Capt David Price Killed
Capt Joseph Ruzicka Killed
MSgt Eugene Gries Ejected

12/18/1972 58-0201 B-52G 72nd SW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam
“Charcoal 01”
Linebacker II

First loss in Linebacker II, struck by two SA-2 SAMs over the Yen Vien rail yards near Hanoi.

Lt Col Donald Rissi, AC Killed
1st Lt Robert Thomas, CP Killed
Capt Richard Simpson, EWO POW
Capt Robert Certain, N POW
Maj Richard Johnson, RN POW
MSgt Walter Ferguson, G Killed

12/19/1972 56-0608 B-52D 310th SW(P) U-Tapao RTAFB
“Rose 01” 99th BW, Westover AFB, MA
Linebacker II

Shot down near Ba Dinh district, Hanoi and crashed in Huu Tiep Lake. The wreckage is now at the Museum of Victory over the B-52 in Hanoi after sitting in Huu Tiep Lake (also known as B-52 Lake or May Bay 52) for over 47 years.

Capt Hal Wilson, P POW
Capt Charles Brown, CP POW
Maj Fernando Alexander, RN POW
Capt Henry Barrows, EWO POW
Capt Richard Cooper, N MIA/KIA
TSgt Charles Poole, G MIA/KIA
12/20/1972 56-0669 B-52D 43rd SW, Andersen AFB, Guam
“Straw 02” 22nd BW, March AFB, CA
Linebacker II

Struck by SA-2 SAM after bombing the Gia Lam railway shops east of Hanoi. The crew attempted to divert to U-Tapao but crashed just after crossing into Laos.

Capt Deverl Johnson, P Ejected
1st Lt James Farmer, CP Ejected
Maj Frank Gould, RN MIA/KIA
Capt Vincent Russo, N Ejected
Capt Paul Fairbanks, EWO Ejected
TSgt James Barclift, G Ejected

12/20/1972 56-0622 B-52D 307th SW(P), U-Tapao RTAFB
“Orange 03” 99th BW, Westover AFB, MA
Linebacker II

Initially struck by fire from a MiG, then struck by a SA-2 SAM just north of Hanoi, crashing in Yen Thuong village.

Maj John Stuart, P KIA
1st Lt Paul Granger, CP POW
Maj Randolph Perry, RN KIA
Capt Thomas Klomann, N POW
Capt Irwin Lerner, EWO KIA
MSgt Arthur Mc Laughlin, G MIA/KIA

12/20/1972 57-6496 B-52G 72nd SW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam
“Quilt 03” 456 BW, Beale AFB, CA
Linebacker II

On a mission to Yen Vien Railyards, struck by SA-2 SAM just after weapons release. The bomber broke apart and crashed in North Vietnam.

Capt Terry Geloneck, P POW
1st Lt William Arcuri, CP POW
Capt Warren Spencer, RN KIA
1st Lt Michael Martin, N POW
Capt Craig Paul, EWO KIA
SSgt Roy Madden, G POW
12/20/1972 58-0198 B-52G 72nd SW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam
“Olive 01” 92nd BW, Fairchild AFB, WA
Linebacker II

Led a raid to Kinh No, struck by a SA-2 SAM in the tail section two miles west of Hanoi moments after dropping its bombs. The bomber was making its turn to return on its flight to Guam.

Col James Yoshikazu Nagahiro, P POW
Capt Donovan Walters, CP KIA
Maj Edward Johnson, RN KIA
Capt Lynn Beerns, N POW
Lt Col Keith Heggen POW, died in captivity
Deputy Airborne Commander
A1C Charles Bebus, G KIA

12/20/1972 58-0169 B-52G 72nd SW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam
“Tan 03” 97th BW, Blytheville AFB, AR
Linebacker II

Another unmodified G model heading for Kinh No. It lost its bombing navigation radar and had to rely on directions from the cell leader causing it to lag well behind the other two bombers and was hit by two SA-2 SAMs about eight miles north of Hanoi. Because of the heavy losses suffered by the G models during the first three days, this was the last mission of Linebacker II the Gs flew.

Capt Randall Craddock, P MIA/KIA/RR
Capt George Lockhart, CP MIA/KIA/RR
1st Lt Charles Darr, N MIA/KIA/BNR
Maj Bobby Kirby, RN MIA/KIA/RR
Capt Ronald Perry, EWO MIA/KIA/RR
MSgt James Lollar, G POW

12/21/1972 55-0050 B-52D 307th SW, U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand
“Scarlet 01/Scarlet 03” 22nd BW, March AFB, CA
Linebacker II

As part of Scarlet cell on a mission over Bach Mai airfield, Scarlet 01 lost its bombing navigation system (BNS) just short of the initial point and could not get a precise fix on the target. Scarlet 01 had to break from the formation and form up in the rear of the cell becoming Scarlet 03 and use the gunner’s radar from Scarlet 02 to guide it to bomb release. During the exchange of cell positions the bomber became separated from the rest of the cell by about 60 seconds and was struck by a SA-2 SAM.

Capt Peter Giroux, P POW
Capt Thomas Bennet, CP KIA/MIA
Lt Col Gerald Alley, RN KIA/MIA
1st Lt Joe Copack, Jr, N KIA/MIA
Capt Peter Camerota, EWO POW
MSgt Louis LeBlanc, G POW

12/26/1972 56-0674 B-52D 307th SW, U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand
“Ebony 02”
Linebacker II

Ebony 02 experienced an engine fire warning light on take-off and circled over the Gulf of Thailand to get the engine pod shut down, putting them behind the other aircraft in their cell. They were struck by a SAM as they approached the release point, but still able to release their payload. They pushed south and were struck by another SAM.

Capt Robert Morris, P KIA
1st Lt Robert Hudson, CP POW
Capt Michael Labeau, RN POW
1st Lt Duane Vavroch, N POW
Maj Nutter Winbrow III, EWO KIA
TSgt James Cook, G POW

12/26/1972 56-0584 B-52D 307th SW, U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand
“Ash 01”
Linebacker II

Following the Ebony cell, Ash 01’s jamming came up short and they were struck by a SA-2. The crew was able to get the bomber into Thailand and attempted to land at U-Tapao with four engines out on the same side. The crew did not bail out because the gunner was injured and they feared he would not be able to execute the bail out from the gun turret by himself. The bomber crashed on the edge of Buddha Hill near U-Tapao.

Capt James Turner, PA KIA
1st Lt Robert Hymel, CP Survived
Killed at the Pentagon 09/11/2001
Lt Col Donald Joyner, RN KIA
Maj Lawrence Marshall, N KIA
Capt Roy Tabler, EWO KIA
TSgt Spencer Grippin, G Survived

12/27/1972 56-0605 B-52D 43rd SW(P), Andersen AFB, Guam
“Cobalt 01”
Linebacker II

On an air strike at the Trung Quang rail yards, Cobalt 01 was releasing bombs on its target when it took a direct hit from a SAM. There is some speculation the bomber was actually shot down over Laos.

Capt Frank Lewis, AC POW
Capt Samuel Cusimano, CP POW
Maj James Condon, RN POW
1st Lt Ben Fryer, N KIA
Maj Allen Johnson, EWO KIA
MSgt James Gough, G POW

02/08/1974 58-0174 B-52G 456th BW, Beale AFB, Ca
“Force 30”

While taking off on a night training mission the aircraft abruptly veered to the right off the runway and skidded into a muddy field before overturning and exploding. The bomber had been in for repair for a fuel valve, the behavior of the plane suddenly veering to one side was not inconsistent with a fuel valve failure shutting off the fuel to one wing.

Capt Paul Baldy, P Thrown from aircraft, died 02/12/74
Capt Michael Forster, IP Killed
1st Lt Neal Kass, CP Killed
Maj Toney Peter, N Killed
Capt Thomas Cannon, RN Killed
Capt Lee Knudson, EWO Killed
TSgt James Troutman, G Killed

12/12/1974 55-0058 B-52D 43rd SW, Andersen AFB, Guam

On a night mission returning to Andersen the bomber experienced some electrical issues that may have affected the attitude direction indicator. The investigation surmises the crew was unaware of the problem until the aircraft was in such a steep bank that it would no longer fly. It crashed into the Pacific Ocean seven miles southeast of Guam.

Capt John Whitey, P Killed
1st Lt John Watson, CP Ejected/Rescued
1st Lt Brad Buske, N Ejected/Rescued
Capt Leroy Pitman, RN Killed
Capt Stephen Roseman, EWO Killed
TSgt Robert Nemeth, G Killed

09/03/1975 57-6493 B-52G 68th BW, Seymour Johnson AFB, SC

On a routine training mission, the aircraft suffered catastrophic structural failure from a major fuel leak in the right wing. The wing separated between the third and fourth nacelles. The separated portion of the wing then sheared off the horizontal stabilizer at 28,000 feet. The bomber broke apart near Aiken, SC.

Capt James Perry, P Ejected/Survived
Capt Donald Exum Ejected/Survived
Capt Gregory Watts Ejected/Survived
2nd Lt Hector Marquez Ejected/Survived
1st Lt Grady Rudolph Killed
1st Lt Melvin Bewley, Jr Killed
Sgt Ricky Griffith Killed

11/14/1975 61-0033 B-52H 5th BW, Minot AFB, ND

Burned on the ground when a boost pump in a tank ignited fuel. The investigation indicates a static electricity spark from a nylon jacket was the cause. Two crewmen were in the bomb bay when the bomber exploded. The front of the bomber was blown forward allowing the airman attending the fuel panel to escape through the co-pilot’s window.

A1C John Vien Killed
A1C Gary Panter Killed
Unknown Minor injuries

04/01/1977 60-0039 B-52H 410th BW, K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI

Returning to base after an aerial refueling and low-level bombing mission and attempting to land in heavy storms. It is suspected that there was a misread of the radar altimeter and the bomber ended up in a steep dive crashing three miles from the base.

Capt James Cosgrave, P Killed
1st Lt Christopher Morill, CP Killed
1st Lt Stephen Johnson, N Killed
Capt Dennis Soerens, RN Killed
1st Lt Gary Lee Hudson, CP Killed
Capt Lawrence Kraut, RN Killed
Maj James Bartsch, EWO Killed
MSgt John Moore, G Killed

10/19/1978 56-0594 B-52D 22nd BW, March AFB, CA

Possible multiple engine failure and/or loss of water on one of the wings during takeoff. The aircraft only gained a few hundred feet of altitude before the left wing dropped, struck the ground and cartwheeled through a sheep farm.

Maj William Parkell, P Killed
Capt Robert Mitchell, CP Killed
Capt Michael McCreedy Killed
1st Lt Robert Tuminello Killed
Capt Russell Maynard Killed
MSgt Joseph Packey, G Survived

10/30/1981 55-0078 B-52D 22nd BW, March AFB, CA
La Junta

On a low-level, night, terrain avoidance mission from March AFB to Carswell AFB. It was last seen at an altitude of 400 feet before striking a sand dune and crashing in the southeastern Colorado prairie.

Capt James MacGregor, P Killed
Capt Gani Aydoner, CP Killed
Capt Clifford Duane, RN Killed
1st Lt Kendall Wallace, N Killed
Capt Stanley Eddleman, EWO Killed
Sr Airman Timothy Mc Farland, G Killed
A1C Bruce Schaefer, CC Killed
A1C David Smith, CC Killed

12/16/1982 57-6482 B-52G 93rd BW, Castle AFB, CA

While conducting training missions at Mather AFB, 57-6482 was taking part in a MITO. It was second in line after the lead, a B-52H, and the planners did not take into account the difference between the G and H models during take-off. For about 90 seconds the Gs water injection engines are more powerful than the H. Shortly after takeoff the G began to overtake the lead H, the student pilot retarded the throttles, but because of a malfunction the water did not shut off and the engines were unable to cope with the overload of water and flamed out. 57-6482 was caught in the vortex and turbulence of the lead plane, lost lift and crashed with 290,000 pounds of fuel into a muddy cow pasture.

Maj James York, AC IP Killed
Capt Lyle Brunner, IRN Killed
Capt Dennis Davis, N Killed
MSgt Gere LeFever, G Killed
2nd Lt Scott Semmel, Student CP Killed
2nd Lt Peter Riley, Student CP Killed
2nd Lt Richard Robeson, Student N Killed
2nd Lt Benjamin Bernot, Student N Killed
2nd Lt Daniel Bader, Student N Killed
01/27/1983 57-6507 B-52G 319th BW, Grand Forks AFB, ND

During postflight maintenance a fault was found on a fuel transfer valve causing it to pop circuit breakers. While resetting the breaker in a nearly empty fuel cell, the valve motor ignited the fuel vapor in the tank. The aircraft exploded, breaking its spine and collapsing the forward fuselage onto the ground cutting off the crew exits, trapping the maintenance crew.

A1C Michael McDonald Killed
Sr Airman Robert Gray Killed
A1C Anthony Salva Killed
Sr Airman Scott Wicik Killed
A1C Robin Rise Killed (Only female crew)

04/11/1983 58-0161 B-52G 19th BW, Robins AFB, GA
“Lure 75”

On a Red Flag training mission that included low-level navigation using terrain avoidance radar. Lure 75 impacted the south face of Square Top Mountain in Utah at 6,800 feet. The investigation revealed that the terrain avoidance radar had degraded to the point it became unusable. The aircraft was not found for three days because of weather.

Capt Donald Hiebert, P Killed
1st Lt Thomas Lennep, Jr, CP Killed
Capt Jonathan Bishop, RN Killed
1st Lt Matthew Cervenek, N Killed
1st Lt Bernard Russell, EWO Killed
SSgt Major Carter, G Killed
Col Carroll Gunther, P Safety Obs Killed (Director of Ops 19th BW)

10/16/1984 57-6479 B-52G 92nd BW, Fairchild AFB, WA
“Swoon 52”

On a night mission while flying in and out of snow showers the bombers right wing and #4 engine pylon struck the north crest of Hunts Mesa on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Monument Valley, AZ. It travelled another 3,500 feet before crashing into the lower southern bluff of Hunt’s Mesa. After the initial strike the crew was able to eject except for the safety observer who was in a seat with no ejection capability.

Capt Robert Keeny, P Ejected
1st Lt Douglas Schwartz, CP Ejected
Maj Eugene Daspit, RN Ejected
1st Lt Kenneth Portis, N Ejected
Capt Sean Yeronick, EWO Ejected
Sgt David Felix, G Ejected/Killed/Parachute failed
Col William Ivy, Safety Obs Killed (Deputy Co Ops 92nd)

07/06/1988? B-52G ? 97th BW, Eaker AFB, AR

During a Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB, NV, the bomber landed and four out of the eight tires on the main gear burst. The pilot called “hatches, hatches, hatches” so the gunner rotated his seat handles to fire the hatch. It is surmised he accidentally squeezed the triggers as well. There wasn’t enough speed for the air stream to pull the hatch off, so it was loose but still over the seat thruster when it fired, killing him.

MSgt Lee Cothran, G Killed

02/03/1991 59-2593 B-52G 4300 BW(P), Diego Garcia, BIOT
“Hulk 46” Crew – 97th BW, Eaker AFB, AR
Aircraft – 42nd BW, Loring AFB, ME

While returning from a Desert Storm mission over Iraq, at least five of its eight engines flamed out causing the bomber to crash into the Indian Ocean, 2-3 miles north of the island.

Capt Kevin Kent, P Ejected/Rescued
Capt Jeffrey Love, CP Ejected/Rescued
Capt Jon Olson, RN Ejected/Killed/BNR
1st Lt Jorge Arteaga, N Ejected/Killed/BNR
1st Lt Eric Hedeen, EWO Ejected/Body found in life raft
Sgt Steven Ellard, G Ejected/Rescued

06/24/1994 61-0026 B-52H 92nd BW, Fairchild, WA
“Czar 52”

Crashed during practice for an air show scheduled for the following day during a steeply banked turn at 250 feet AGL. Czar 52 banked past 90 degrees, lost lift and crashed into the ground.

Lt Col Arthur “Bud” Holland, AC, IP Killed/Chief of 92nd BW Stan Eval
Lt Col Mark McGeehan, CP Killed/325th BS Commander, IP
Col Robert Wolff Killed/92nd BW Vice Commander
Lt Col Kenneth Huston Killed/325th BS Operations Officer

07/21/2008 60-0053 B-52H 36th Wing, Andersen AFB, Guam
“Raidr 21” 2nd BW, Barksdale AFB, LA
Louisiana Fire

Crashed into the Pacific Ocean during a training flight. The investigation revealed the cause of the crash was improper stabilizer trim setting possibly caused by a system malfunction that caused the stabilizer trim to improperly run in a nose-down direction.

Maj Christopher Cooper, AC Killed/2nd BW, 96th BS
Capt Michael Dodson, CP Killed/2nd BW, 96th BS
Maj Brent Williams, IN Killed/2nd BW, 20th BS
1st Lt Joshua Shepard, N Killed/2nd BW/20th BS
1st Lt Robert Gerren, WSO Killed/2nd BW/20th BS
Col George Martin, Observer Killed/Deputy Commander 36th Medical Group

Most of the information provided can be found at these websites. Unfortunately, the data of the early accidents is old and many of the people who may have information are gone, web links are no good anymore and the newspaper articles are sketchy with details.

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