Support The Hulk 46 Memorial

Help support the fallen by contributing to a memorial being built in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Remembering Hulk 46

The Crash happened on February 3rd, 1991 at 3:30 am, 17 miles north of a base in the Indian Ocean. A B-52 flown by a young crew of six members returned from a combat mission in Kuwait when the aircraft suffered a fatal mechanical malfuction. The pilot, co-pilot and gunner survived. Navigator, radar, and electronic warfare officer died from the crash.

Why This Memorial?

The aforementioned event outlines the premise of the memorial and lies at the center of the design. This memorial is to honor the three men who had fallen during their service.  The design emanates from a place of respect and sensitivity to those involved, and ultimately it endeavors to offer a space of remembrance, reflection, and contemplation for all those who sacrificed their lives for the greater good and safety of all.

The Memorial’s Design

The shape of the memorial is of a B-52, carving three main pathways representing the wings and body of the plane and act as points of access into the memorial. The pathways descend below ground level to emulate the experience of submersion, leading towards a circular plaza shaped in homage to the emblem of the hulk 46 crew. Here, below group, the viewer is submerged and enclosed within the walls of a reflecting pool. Three stone pillars rise in the plaza; two are placed within the walls of the pool and appear to rise from the water, while one is placed at the center of the plaza on dry ground. Each element within the memorial is oriented and positioned to lead the eye towards a tall waving flag, emphasizing the purpose of those who have fallen in service of their country.

Become A Supporter

If you would like to donate by check you can send a check designated for the Hulk 46 Memorial and make it out to:

The Blytheville Chamber Foundation – Hulk 46 Memoria

300 West Walnut

Blytheville AR 72315